Are We Doing Resolutions?

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Are we making New Year’s resolutions now? I think I’ve put off thinking about it because 2012 was such a fantastic year for me, 2013 makes me a little nervous. Like maybe my luck will run out or something.

That’s probably not how things work. So. Let’s do resolutions.

1. Go to yoga more often. Yoga is so awesome and I pretty much rock out the modified poses. Everyone needs someone in the class doing modified poses, so they feel more awesome about how good they are. I’ll be the modified pose person for your class.

2. Stop counting the dogs. I count my dogs. All of the time. Like, some people obsess when the leave the house about leaving the iron on or water running or something. I don’t iron, so I worry if all of the dogs are IN the house when I leave. So before I leave, I count the dogs. I’m going to stop counting dogs. One dog, two dogs, three dogs. Three dogs.

I’ll stop tomorrow.

3. I’m going to eat vegetables. Just. In general. And not act like I’m 12 about it. Because I do honestly love spinach and I think I even like brussel sprouts. There are probably others out there that I’d like too.

4. I want to go to San Francisco. They have flights there pretty regularly and some time in 2013, I’m going to get on one. I hope it’s Jet Blue. I like those tvs.

5. Read. I love to read so this isn’t really a resolution. Other than to remind me in 2013 that I love to read.

6. Look for the better seat. This is kind of a big one for me, and it’s really the stretch resolution in the list. The wife and I tell this story to illustrate our different styles. And the story is that one time we took a train to NYC. (Oh, that was fun! Sub-goal 6a is to take another train ride to NYC. Someone remember that for me.)

So we took a train ride to NYC once and we got on at Back Bay. And I sat us down in the first two seats we came across even though they weren’t together and they weren’t good seats. And the wife was like, “No, let’s go to the front of the train and get better seats.” And I’m like, “no, let’s stay here and when people get off further down the line we can rearrange ourselves into better seats.” For a really long time (read: whole life) I’ve done this thing where I take the ok seat and then strategize on how to get the better seat. And, that’s worked pretty well for me (yay me!) but there’s really no reason to do that now that I know how to get the better seats.

(Amtrak Northeast Regional Corridor travel tip: Go to the bar car.)

Happy 2013 y’all!

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Boston-based #digital marketing guru, inadvertent community organizer, life-long voracious reader, ENFJ & former NYC tour guide. I really am from Possum Trot, Kentucky.
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  1. Casey says:

    I took a train to NYC and it ruled. And I took the first good seat I could find.

    You can keep counting the dogs.

  2. Moth says:

    I count dogs too. It’s kind of my job so I’ll do the counting like when they line up for their treat. So you counted the dogs but not the cat (poor Alice)? One dog, two dogs, three dogs, one cat – done.