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These eggs are #hard #boiled
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Two things happened this weekend: 1) The wife got ridiculously sick, and 2) I continued to not eat donuts. Neither of these things were really pleasant, but it did cause us to focus a lot on what we were eating.

During a panicked call to the urgent care nurse wherein I attempted to learn the exact point in “throwing up for a few days” that one should become really concerned (panic when they can’t walk or they’re ill immediately after eating, btw) — the nurse happened to run through a list of foods to try to eat on an unsettled stomach.  It ran the spectrum from chicken broth to broiled chicken breast and along the way she mentioned hard boiled eggs.

Boy… the nurse had a real focus on the whole chicken there, didn’t she?

Hard boiled eggs! I had forgotten about them completely! What a genius idea. A pre-cooked, pre-packaged, portable punch of protein! (Feel free to use that, American Egg Board.)

So that’s what we did. And after we had very nicely progressed straight from broth and onto corned beef and cabbage (she craved it, I didn’t) we had an egg or so left over for me to have as a snack post-Ward Committee meeting last night. It was awesome! It filled me up, didn’t involve a drive-thru and it tasted good even without having to pour melted cheese on it.

Having mentioned briefly to the wife how great it would be to have a few hard boiled eggs on hand for other meeting-filled evenings – I came home to this. A bowl of very cleverly marked up hard boiled eggs.

And that picture. Is exactly how a hard boiled egg becomes better than a donut.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Eggsactly! (what? someone had to!)