Buying Art Is an Act of Courage


This weekend was the 10th anniversary of Roslindale Open Studios.

It also snowed and rained and sleeted this weekend, so just going outside really was an act of courage. But also something that Bostonians of any moral standing know how to do. Because if you hunker down this early in the game, you’re not going to see your neighbors again until early May.

I saw a ton of neighbors this weekend.

I saw a lady dancing to live salsa music on the steps of the Roslindale Congregational Church with snow falling around here.

I saw dozens of people coming and going from the numerous home studios of artists in our neighborhood.

I bought a photograph of the exact skyline over the Charles River I saw when my wife asked me to spend my life with her. From a photographer who lives across the street from some of our best friends.

I bought an amazing print of a landscape of Race Point on Cape Cod from an artist around the corner from us.

I finally got to see inside the amazing art studio that sits just beyond my back fence. We have the good fortune to share a back fence with the Ulman family. There’s nothing more magical than the nights where they’re working in the studio and throw open all of the lights and play music out into the neighborhood. The picture at the top of the post is just a small snippet of the inside of that magical place and I feel blessed to have them as neighbors.

And. I got to meet Barry Margolin who was in his first Open Studios and I think he said it was only the second time that he’s exhibited at all. I was trying to pick out one of his pieces for the house because I just loved the technique he uses so much.

And sensing my indecision, Barry turned to me and said “Buying art is just such an act of courage. Because you’re making a statement and bringing something into your home and opening yourself up in some way. That’s courage.”

Thank you Barry.

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