Yes Kim. There is a Red Sox Truck Day.


A dear, out-of-town friend recently asked me what the Red Sox’ “Truck Day” was. I answered her on Facebook, but with the snow and commuting gridlock fraying nerves across the city, I thought I’d the information a bit more widely.

Truck Day is the most magical day in all of New England.


This is a land where it’s been snowing since Halloween. We’ve barely seen the sun since Wellfleet Oyster Festival and that was a cold, cold day indeed. Our parkas, our secondary parkas and our for-shoveling-only blizzard day parkas are coated in road salt, sweat and tears.

It’s mid-February and the end of all of this foolishness known as winter is nowhere in sight.

March is more of the same and we have the still too-recent memory of the April Fools Day Blizzard when people cross-country skied in the South End to remind us that not even April will bring true respite.

We are a people that warmth has forgotten.

But then comes truck day. TRUCK DAY!

On truck day, the Red Sox load up a tractor trailer in the Fenway area with bats and baseballs and Wally the mascot costumes. And a very special driver, tasked with the goal of getting this equipment to our boys in Fort Myers Florida for spring training… takes the seat.

And once that amazing, special man reaches the warmth of Florida… pitchers and catchers report and spring training officially begins.

Spring training. SPRING training. And we here in New England know for CERTAIN. That there will be an Opening Day. There will be Sam Adams spilled again on Fenway Park and eventually. Eventually. There will be Hoodsie ice cream cups sold by vendors in short sleeves up and down the steps at our beloved cathedral of all that is Boston and holy — Fenway Park.

That Kim. Is the magic of Truck Day.

It is the first glimmer for New England that our dark days of winter are over and the boys of summer will once again have us singing “Sweet Caroline” in drunken harmony.


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