There was a live band on my porch this weekend.

11881659_380656785464894_1373915908_nThis weekend we hosted two live bands on our porch as part of Roslindale Porch Fest. Our neighbor a couple of houses down, Ramona Silver, gathered up a few other Roslindale folks including Jonathan Ulman and they jammed for about an hour or so. Right on my porch!

The music was absolutely infectious.

People walking by stopped and brought along chairs to sit and listen. Neighbors wandered over. The band giggled when a train went by and played louder. A gentleman I’ve gotten to know through our Keep Roslindale Quirky FB group brought me a watermelon.


Afterward, Tim Obetz and his lovely wife sang a number of songs, including some classic Willie Nelson.

You know I love that Willie.

And we all sat outside in what felt like the last of the summer sun. And ate peanuts and chocolate chip cookies and stared up at that beautiful blue mid-September sky and tapped our feet.

There’s something magical that happens when neighbors come together.


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